Women’s Empowerment; Why It’s Important?

We heard the phrase “Women’s empowerment” or “Female empowerment” so often from world leaders and international governmental organizations. What exactly is women’s empowerment? Why is it important to solve global issues? And how can you empower women and girls?

Definition of Women’s Empowerment

Women’s empowerment is to increase women’s and girls’ capacity to make their own choice and transform those choices into desired actions and outcomes. There are five components of women’s empowerment, as follow:

  1. Promote women’s and girls’ self-worth
  2. Women’s and girls’ right to have and to determine choices
  3. Women’s and girls’ right to have access to opportunities and resources
  4. Women’s and girls’ right to take control of their life, inside and outside their home
  5. Women’s and girls’ rights to influence social and economical change, nationally and internationally

Its Importance

Empowering women and girls can lead to the health and social development of families, communities, and countries as well as achieving gender equality. These things are important to create an equal world where all gender is safe. In addition, women living safe, fulfilled, and productive lives can reach their full potential and contribute their skills to the workforce. They can fuel sustainable economies and benefit societies and humanity.

How Can We Empower Women and Girls?

What Center For Girls Are Doing

Photo: Gabriel Boivin

– Wanwarin Yensuk


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