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Nunnaree Luangmoi Founder & Director
Patchareerat Bunrat Financial Manager
Sanya Janthawong Media and Data Officer
Emily Prey Int'l Board Member
Maia Mounsher Board Member


Nunnaree Luangmoi is the Founder and Director of Center for Girls. Nunnaree has tremendous drive to change the fortunes of the people in her community. Her willingness to get involved in the most challenging, emotionally difficult issues enables her to inspire young girls to strive for a better future. As an experienced facilitator of human rights workshops and interventions, she is well-positioned to ensure sustainable change can be achieved in the region. Nunnaree studied Community Development at Chiang Rai Rajabhat University and holds a Master’s Degree in Strategy Development.

Patchareerat Bunrat, or Ploy Sai to her friends, studied Community Development at Chiang Mai Rajabhat University. As the Financial Manager and Project Officer at Center for Girls, she supports general operations for the organization, as well as develops and delivers workshops to women and children in the surrounding communities. Her kind and easygoing nature combined with her assertiveness makes for an ideal combination for such challenging work. Students of all ages appreciate her lively and engaging approach

Sanya Janthawong, or Void to his friends, is the media and data officer at Center for Girls. He started working here in January 2019. His main responsibilities are data collection and evaluation and social media. He also assists in leading the workshops for the women and children in the community, during which he truly shows his enthusiasm and dedication. Void studied social psychology at Rajahbat University, and after graduating he worked at another anti-human trafficking organization in Chiang Rai. He is passionate about this kind of work as he likes to help people achieve their potential and help them understand that they can be of help to others too.


Emily Prey studied history, international relations, and gender studies at Williams College. She is passionate about human rights and empowering women (one of her favorite sayings is “Empowered women empower women”). Her background in fundraising, research, and writing combined with her passion for helping others has made her an invaluable addition to the CFG team. Emily started her Master’s focusing on gender and human security at The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy and will graduate in 2020 to continue working in human trafficking prevention.

Maia Mounsher studied International Development at Sussex University. She has lived in Asia for five years, teaching, volunteering, and learning to read, write and speak in Thai. She has lived in Chiang Khong since March 2016. She believes that local people are best placed to understand their own situation and should be in charge of their own development. She spends most of her time translating and interpreting to amplify local people’s voices and help them be heard internationally.

The Volunteers

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Melissa Weakley United States of America
Miam Monkanphai Thailand
Claire Horwood Canada
Robin Wellström Sweden
Joel Ruud United States of America
Kim Miller United States of America
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