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Chitrapon Vanaspong Chair Person
Salinee Suwannet Vice-Chair person
Anongluckruttana Phothachai Committee
Kanittarin Somtana Committee and Treasures
Nunnaree Luangmoi Founder & Director (Committee and Secretary)
Patchareerat Bunrat Development Worker
Prapanan Kamjan Accountant
Krittin Chotmanikanchana Corporate Communication

Center For Girls Foundation Team

Nunnaree Luangmoi is the Founder and Director of Center for Girls Foundation. Nunnaree has a tremendous drive to change the fortunes of the people in her community. Her willingness to get involved in the most challenging, emotionally difficult issues enables her to inspire young girls to strive for a better future. As an experienced facilitator of human rights workshops and interventions, she is well-positioned to ensure sustainable change can be achieved in the region.

Patchareerat Bunrat, or Ploy Sai to her friends, as the Financial Manager and Project Officer at Center for Girls, she supports general operations for the organization, as well as develops and delivers workshops to women and children in the surrounding communities. Her kind and easygoing nature combined with her assertiveness make for an ideal combination for such challenging work. Students of all ages appreciate her lively and engaging approach.

Prapanan Kamjan, or Aoy to her friends, Aoy is responsible for recording the revenues and expenses of the organization, as well as reporting the monthly and annual financial statements. Aoy is a person who is very peaceful and likes to keep things simple. As a conscientious and valuable team member, Aoy is eager to expand her skills in various fields to further support the CFG organization.

Krittin Chotmanikanchana is an experienced and dedicated individual who works tirelessly to improve community well-being. With a strong background in community development, he collaborates closely with leaders to address social issues effectively. Now, Krittin focuses on promoting gender equality and child protection. He adapts his expertise to spearhead impactful initiatives, collaborating with leaders, activists, and organizations to raise awareness through workshops, seminars, and campaigns. His goal is to dismantle societal norms that perpetuate discrimination and violence, fostering inclusivity, safety, and respect.

The Volunteers

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Current volunteers:
Past volunteers:
Peggy Pei China
Sandra Bulka Germany
Julie Palstrøm Denmark
Wanwarin Yensuk Thailand
Kristen Rive-Thomson New Zealand
Aimee Vulinovich New Zealand
Katie Lestner United Kingdom
Cheryl Li United Kingdom
Melissa Weakley United States of America
Miam Monkanphai Thailand
Claire Horwood Canada
Robin Wellström Sweden
Joel Ruud United States of America
Kim Miller United States of America
Fiona Pötzinger Germany
Wenhui Deng China
Julia Lövenich Germany
Kimberly Williams United States of America
Marit Oja Estonia
Natcha Sangmanee Thailand
Alec Peeples United States of America
Katherine Wilkins United States of America
Maia Mounsher United Kingdom
Kelsi Young United States of America
Jessica Hatfield United States of America
Charissa Cable United States of America
Emily Elizabeth United States of America
Gabriel Boivin Canada
Worrawantra Nuam-in Thailand
Niki Spalding Canada
Isabelle Amurao Philippines
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