What We Do:

Complaints and Response Mechanism

Who Can Make the Complaint?

  • Children, Women
  • General public
  • Government and private agencies
  • Center For Girls Foundation (CFG) Boardmembers
  • Center For Girls Foundation staff
  • Center For Girls Foundation’s network organizations
  • Center For Girls Foundation’s donors

Topics of Complaint

  • Failure to comply with CFG’s child protection policy
  • CFG staff’s inappropriate behavior while performing duties, such as using violence against children and women or claiming benefits for themselves.
  • Corruption

Submit a Complaint

A complaint can be made at all times. In order to submit a complaint, please download and fill out all the information and send it to one of these channels:

  • Email: info@centerforgirls.org
  • CFG Facebook page: Center For Girls
  • CFG Line account: center4girls
  • Mailbox: 517 Moo 10, Wiang, Chiang Khong District, Chiang Rai, 57140
  • Center For Girls Foundation office

You can also make a complaint via telephone (+66 (0) 81-8824985).

Download the complaint form here


  • Complainants who wish to remain anonymous or feel uncomfortable disclosing their identity can choose to report anonymously.
  • Information regarding the complainant’s information and the identity of the person involved that can reveal the identity of the complainant will be protected and kept as a secret.
  • Any action must maintain the confidentiality of all complaint-related information. CFGF will not disclose information to unrelated parties. We will take into account the safety of the complainant. We will only disclose the information for the purpose of conducting investigations of facts, disciplinary investigations, prosecution, or cooperating with government agencies or as required by law.
  • The facts and nature of the complaint or incident and investigation records will be kept confidential.

Response Mechanism (In summary)

  • Receive a complaint.
  • Fact-finding
  • The committee investigates the complaint.
  • Have a team meeting to plan how to deal with problems that arise.
  • Implement organizational measures.
  • Notify the result, terminate, and close the case.
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