Social Empowerment For Gender Equality

Social Empowerment For Gender Equality will promote gender equality to reduce violence against children and women. The project will provide knowledge of gender equality, women’s rights, and fundamental human rights to women and the community of Chiang Khong. We will also empower women by building confidence for the women and emphasizing the importance of women’s inner value by promoting and encouraging participation in public stages and events. In addition, the project will work with the government and civil society networks (non-governmental organizations, organizations that work on women’s rights issues, Village Chief Club) at the local and policy levels. Other than that we will raise awareness about gender equality through various platforms and networks as well as social media. We want the public to be aware of and understand gender equality. We believe that thinking is an important thinking base in leading to an equal society.

We will also help the women in the Chiang Khong community founded Mae Ying Chiang Khong Council to work on topics including health, economics, social, and environment. We will support the council to conduct research on these topics as well as support their work. The Mae Ying Chiang Khong Council will develop a working strategy plan, create a suggestion and push for policy change at the local level, and reduce the problem of gender inequality and violence against women and children.

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