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Center for Girls has several ongoing projects and welcomes volunteers willing to stay for several months to help with day-to-day organization operations and other program efforts. Specifically, we’re currently looking for volunteers with experience in the following areas:

  • Website Development
    • We recently underwent a large website update and would like an experienced volunteer here who can keep it up to date
  • Graphic Designing/Motion Graphics
    • We also would like someone who can make short personalized “promo” info clips (~1 minute) about issues such as human trafficking, statelessness, child abuse, etc.
  • Videography/Filmmakers
  • Grant Writing and Report Editing
    • All of our donors are international organizations, therefore our proposals and reports must be in English. We are looking for someone with previous research and writing experience.

Please contact us to tell us more about your experience, why you are interested in volunteering with Center for Girls, and how long you would like to stay. You can also contact us via Workaway.

The volunteers

I want to volunteer
Melissa Weakley International Volunteer
Miam Monkanphai Volunteer
Claire Horwood International Volunteer
Robin Wellström International Volunteer
Joel Ruud International Volunteer
Kim Miller International Volunteer
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