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Center for Girls Foundation has several ongoing projects and welcomes volunteers willing to stay for several months to help with day-to-day organization operations and other program efforts. Specifically, we’re currently looking for volunteers with experience in the following areas:

  • Translating (English to Thai and Thai to English)
  • Blog writing
  • Fundraising
  • Report writing (We need a volunteer with this skill from January until March)

Please contact us to tell us more about your experience, why you are interested in volunteering with Center for Girls Foundation, and how long you would like to stay. For questions and applications, you can send an email to We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

The Volunteers

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Current volunteers:
Past volunteers:
Peggy Pei China
Sandra Bulka Germany
Julie Palstrøm Denmark
Wanwarin Yensuk Thailand
Kristen Rive-Thomson New Zealand
Aimee Vulinovich New Zealand
Katie Lestner United Kingdom
Cheryl Li United Kingdom
Melissa Weakley United States of America
Miam Monkanphai Thailand
Claire Horwood Canada
Robin Wellström Sweden
Joel Ruud United States of America
Kim Miller United States of America
Fiona Pötzinger Germany
Wenhui Deng China
Julia Lövenich Germany
Kimberly Williams United States of America
Marit Oja Estonia
Natcha Sangmanee Thailand
Alec Peeples United States of America
Katherine Wilkins United States of America
Maia Mounsher United Kingdom
Kelsi Young United States of America
Jessica Hatfield United States of America
Charissa Cable United States of America
Emily Elizabeth United States of America
Gabriel Boivin Canada
Worrawantra Nuam-in Thailand
Niki Spalding Canada
Isabelle Amurao Philippines
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