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Some information about our proud sponsors and maybe a link to the donate or fundraising page?

JICA works to assist economic and social growth in developing countries, and promotes international cooperation through the sharing of knowledge and experience. CFG been working with JICA for the past two years to fight human trafficking in Chiang Khong. Learn more about JICA.

The Global Fund for Children transforms the lives of children on the edges of society – trafficked children, refugees, child laborers – and helps them regain their rights and reach their potential. CFG has worked with GFC since 2014 to spread awareness of children’s rights, provide assistance and counseling to children in need, and campaign against the sexual abuse of children. Learn more about The Global Fund for Children.

A middle-income country, Thailand has faced various challenges relating to population changes brought about by socioeconomic development. A low birth rate is straining human resources for future development, while rapid urbanization is shifting family structures. Located at the center of Southeast Asia, Thailand also welcomes approximately one million foreign migrants each year. UNFPA programs help to address these challenges. CFG began working with UNFPA in 2015 to raise awareness about and prevent teen pregnancy. Learn more about UNFPA Thailand.

Diakonia is a faith-based Swedish development organization that supports and works with nearly 400 local partners organizations in 30 countries. Together with their partner organizations they form a global network that works to ensure more people are able to live dignified lives. Diakonia supports Center for Girls’ Women for Change initiative. The project is funded through 2020. Learn more about Diakonia.

KNH believes that all children have a right to food, medical care, and quality education. The Foundation partners with organizations in over 30 countries and ranks among one of the largest NGOs for development cooperation in Germany. KNH has been funding CFG’s Program for the Prevention of Child Trafficking and Child Abuse since 2012. Learn more about Kindernothilfe.

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