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Join us in our work to end human trafficking, end violence against women and children, and empower women leaders in Chiang Rai Province. You can choose to donate directly to Center for Girls Foundation, or read about and donate to one of our Emergency Cases on our News & Blog page.

Direct Transfers in Thailand

Bank Name: Kasikorn Bank, Pan branch, Chiang Rai

Account Name: Center For Girls

Account Number: 669-2-11087-9

Swift Code: KASITHBK

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Most of CFG’s funding is restricted to specific projects. There are not many donors who fund ‘core’ costs, however, ‘core funding’ (i.e. unallocated funding that contributes to all of the organization’s work) is incredibly valuable. It provides charities with the opportunity to grow and improve, strengthens their effectiveness at delivering objectives, and enables them to become more flexible and responsive to changes.

You can also help us provide Emergency Assistance:

Most of CFG’s sponsored projects are sustainable, participatory, and take place over several years. But staff often encounter cases of individuals or families who need immediate assistance in order to feed themselves, have a safe place to live, or send a child to school.

We are so grateful for your support!

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