Knowledge Is Power: Training Kids and Parents On Child Rights

2018, April 19 – Two weeks ago, Center for Girls visited the ethnic Lahu village of Songpinong. As part of our project together with Kindernothilfe, educational workshops on human trafficking and the commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC) were presented to children and parents from the village.

Children’s workshop on human trafficking and CSEC

Reviewing what was learnt from the previous days workshop

Challenging topics such as child marriage, violence and child rights were covered in an interactive and engaging manner. The aim of the Kindernothilfe project is to provide children and parents with an increased sense of self confidence to speak up about such issues they encounter in their community.

Younger children reading educational books on human trafficking and CSEC

As well as being educational, the workshops were a lot of fun and a great opportunity for Center for Girls to deepen the relations to the Songpinong community. The response to the workshops was overwhelmingly positive, with most participants stating their knowledge of human trafficking and CSEC had increased.

P’loy and Ploy’Sai preparing an activity regarding child rights

If you or someone you know is a victim of human trafficking or CSEC, or you have any questions regarding the topics, please use Center for Girls’ new line ID @CENTER4GIRLS. Center for Girls is a safe and confidential space for all survivors of human trafficking and CSEC.


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