CFG Informs Restaurant Staff about Preventing Human Trafficking

On the 8th of April, Center for Girls organized a workshop for the business owner network. This network is part of CFG’s by Kindernothilfe funded Programme for the prevention of child trafficking and the commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC)During this successful workshop the participants of the network were provided with essential information about human trafficking and how to report this. 

Program for the Prevention of Child Trafficking and CSEC 

Since 2014, Center for Girls has worked on programs for the prevention of child trafficking and the commercial sexual exploitation of children, sponsored by the German organization Kindernothilfe. This project consists of various activities to prevent and report child trafficking and child abuse, to raise awareness about these issues, and to make both children and adults more informed about their rights. These activities include workshops, training in schools, an online campaign for children and teens, spreading information through flyers and posters, and the business owner network. 

Business Owner Network 

The business owner network was created in 2017 and CFG continuously works on its development. It is a network of owners and employees of businesses that are essential actors in the signaling and prevention of human trafficking. Examples of these businesses are bus companies, tuk-tuk drivers, restaurants, karaoke bars, and massage parlors. The businesses that are part of the network have agreed not to take part in human trafficking and to look out for and report cases of human trafficking. They can report to either Center for Girls or to the immigration office directly 

Photo: Center For Girls Foundation

The Workshop 

In order to further develop the business owner network and the skills of its participants, Center for Girls organizes workshops. On the 8th of April, the first of a threepart series of workshops for restaurant owners and employees were organized. There were five restaurant owners and 35 employees present at the workshop, the majority of whom were women. CFG provided the participants with information about human trafficking, child labor laws, and the laws regarding these issues. The participants were given the phone numbers to directly report (suspected) human trafficking or child labor and it was explained to them how both CFG and the Immigration office could help. Besides this, it was explained to the network which signs to look for when they suspect a case of human trafficking or CSEC, such as facial expressions and if someone looks lost, scared, or insecure.  

Photo: Center For Girls Foundation

Problem Tree 

Furthermore, the participants brainstormed together in order to create a problem tree. In this problem tree, the most important problems, their causes, and their impacts regarding human trafficking and CSEC would be outlined. The participants also discussed the four most important problems, which are: 

  • Child marriage; 
  • The risks of the internet, social media, and online (un)safety; 
  • Family issues, such as children who grow up without parents or who are not looked after sufficiently. Often, they live with their grandparents who are not always able to teach them how to stay out of trouble; 
  • Drunk driving, issues with drugs, alcohol, and smoking. 

Photo: Center For Girls Foundation

In future workshops, the network will identify the causes and impacts of these problems as well as think of solutions to them. The next workshop will be on the 5th of May. 

Overall, it was a successful workshop that caused an increased awareness of human trafficking and the commercial sexual exploitation of children, its dangers, and most importantly how to prevent this and help victims.  

Photo: Center For Girls Foundation


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