Reviewing Lesson Activity From Women For Change Project

Center For Girls (CFG) recently hosted seven workshops between 19 September until 27 October 2021. We reviewed what women leaders have learned over the past five years from the Women For Change Project. These workshops were part of our new project, Social Empowerment For Gender Inequality. The goal of this project is to create gender equality to reduce violence against children and women in the Chiang Khong district. The workshops allowed us to gather with all seven sub-districts in the region. This provided an invaluable opportunity to discuss how communities and the women leaders we worked with have changed because of the Women For Change Project. 

We heard how the community is learning about violence and the law that protects them, and are working together to end domestic and gender-based violence. Additionally, women in the community have been more accepted, and there has been much less violence. We were also heartened to receive such positive responses about our women leaders, such as women seeing value in themselves, having more confidence, and that some are now local government leaders (head of their villages).

Our next activities will be hosting two workshops on educating women leaders on gender equality and on empowering women in the Chiang Khong district. We will also work with Mhong and Lahu ethnic groups on gender equality.

We are excited to officially start the Social Empowerment Project as we continue to work toward developing women’s quality of life in the Chiang Khong district.

Kristen Rive-Thomson


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