“Woman for Change” Elected as Village Women’s Representative

Another success for the Women for Change project, and great news for the people of Baan Faen Village! Earlier this week, on the 22nd of August, Center for Girls was proud to attend a lively celebration at Baan Faen village, in honor of Nongkan Juntarawung who has been elected as the women’s representative in her village.

Photo: Center For Girls Foundation

Nongkan Juntarawung joined Women for Change last year, where she was trained on leadership skills, counseling, the issue of Gender-Based Violence in the community, and how to report cases of abuse. Her new role ensures that women and children in her village have a strong advocate to represent them and to stand up for their rights. In April this year, another Women for Change participant, Salinee Suwannanet, was elected village leader in Baan Sopsom.

Center for Girls is pleased to see the success of this project in supporting strong women leaders. We congratulates Nongkan on her nomination!


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