Song Pi Nong Bags to Be Sold on Koh Phangan

The Song Pi Nong Women for Change have secured their first distributor for their bag-making project!

Last week, ten bags made by members of Women for Change in Song Pi Nong, a remote village in the hills of Northern Thailand, were sent to the project’s first distributer for resale. The bags, made by the women during and after their first instructional workshop, were made using traditional Lahu techniques and designs. The straps are woven on a loom, and the bag designs are created using a method involving intricate fabric folds, inversions, and hand-stitching, along with complex sewing machine stitch patterns. The designs have been passed down through generations, and are specific to the tribe. Each bag takes about four days to complete.

Dream Phangan, a new small boutique on the popular Southern Thai island of Koh Phangan, supports local charities and individuals selling unique and interesting arts and crafts from all over Thailand.

The place you should head to while being on Koh Phangan

It was launched on Monday by a local businesswoman and longtime supporter of Center for Girls, Narelle Wellington. Narelle has been sourcing products from all over the country, and her latest venture will showcase beautiful pieces of artwork that cannot be found on your average Thai walking street, whilst making a profit for small-scale producers and artists. 100% of the sale of the bags will go directly back to the women in Songpinong. To view the informational brochure that will accompany the bags at Dream Phangan, click here.

Women for Change aims to empower women to work towards eradicating gender-based violence in Chiang Khong. Surveys identified financial abuse as the most common form of control exercised over women.

If you are interested in partnering with us or getting involved by stocking bags for resale or purchasing wholesale, please contact us at


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