Kong Roi Nam Som: Empowering Women for Community Safety in Chiang Khong District

During the recent New Year Festival (7 Dangerous Days), dedicated volunteers from Kong Roi Nam Som in Chiang Khong District, Chiang Rai Province, collaborated with administrative officials, including those from the Chiang Khong Volunteer Defense Corps Department and community leaders. Together, they played a vital role in facilitating traffic management and monitoring safety in the Chiang Khong District area.

The enthusiastic participation of Kong Roi Nam Som volunteers from each of the 102 villages in Chiang Khong District showcased their commitment to their duties, reflecting the skills acquired through training. Each volunteer underwent comprehensive training in traffic rules, driving etiquette, and assisting accident victims. Furthermore, they were equipped to identify signs of violence against women and children within their communities.

The impact of Kong Roi Nam Som volunteers was evident in their contribution to reducing road accidents in the Chiang Khong area. Their involvement not only assisted numerous accident victims but also allowed them to actively observe and identify potential cases of violence against women and children in the community.

The unwavering dedication and sacrifices of the Kong Roi Nam Som volunteer group have instilled confidence in the community. Their demonstrated knowledge and capabilities have positioned them as influential figures in community welfare, emphasizing the leadership roles of women in Chiang Khong District. This initiative has notably provided a sense of security for both children and women in the district.

The primary mission of Kong Roi Nam Som, supported by the Chiang Khong District chief and led by the Chiang Khong Women’s Council, with training support from UNFPA Thailand, focuses on promoting women’s leadership roles and their contributions to community safety. Volunteers undergo training in various skills, including traffic management, human rights, and addressing issues of violence against women and children.

Beyond their role in ensuring traffic and road safety, one of Kong Roi Nam Som’s central missions involves monitoring and reporting evidence of violence against women and children within their respective communities. Additionally, they remain vigilant against the threat of human trafficking, contributing significantly to the overall safety and well-being of the Chiang Khong District community.


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