Help 4 Girls Fulfill Their Dream of Education

In November 2019, we asked you to donate and help empower the future of three girls. They were part of our Emergency cases: an imperative campaign that funds education, food, and clothing for young children who frequently suffer from physical violence and sexual abuse in their homes. The majority of them live off less than the minimum Thai wage, ฿300 or around $9 a day.

Now, two years on, we are asking for your help again.

Who Will You Be Helping?

  • Rose*, 10 years old, who lives on ฿100 ($2.89) a day, was violently abused by her father and wishes she could afford school.
  • Elle*, 11 years old, whose mother is dead, ex-con father unemployed and is unable to eat, study or have a future.
  • Lila* and Lily*, 17-year-old twins, were molested at age 5 by their uncle and separated from their parents. They are self-sufficient, working through high school, and supported by friends’ families. Both are traumatized-wanting a better future and a safe home.

**Names are changed for anonymity.


Rose lives with her grandmother and father. He has substance abuse and mental health issues. He is often violent to the family and acts anti-socially in the neighborhood. Rose’s* grandmother, despite being frail and elderly, works to provide for the whole family. She earns as little as 100 baht a day and Rose* often has no money to fund her education.

“Local authorities have decribed Rose’s* living conditions as unsafe and particularly strenuous for a child.”– Center For Girls Foundation

After contact with the nearby civil services, her father agrees to seek treatment for his mental health issues and he will source employment to yield money for the entire family for the foreseeable future.

Our aim:

  • Support her father in seeking employment
  • Support Rose with 500 baht (13 EUR) in monthly donations to buy school meals.

Lila* and Lily*

Suffering from parental neglect, the twins were left in the care of their grandmother and aunt from a young age. Later, they move to live with their aunt and uncle-in-law at 16, witnessing and experiencing verbal and physical abuse in their new home, initially supposed to be a place of love and security after their trauma.

Their uncle-in-law progressed to sexually assaulting the twins from age 5. Lila* was forced to perform a sexual act on him. When Lila told her aunt about this, her aunt told her to “never do it again” and threatened to tell Lila’s* father about the incidents. This happened again when Lila* was 7, and she was coerced into staying silent. From the ages of 15 to 16, the uncle-in-law often watched the twins shower and sexually harassed them.

Lily has to work in the evening to earn money to support her and her sister’s education. She has to travel for an hour to work and earn 140 baht (4 EUR) a day. This is less than half of the minimum wage. After work, she would travel back home and get ready for school.

Now 17, the girls have fortunately moved in with their friend’s family and the local community and school have coalesced to fundraise for their case.

Our aim:

  • Provide them with scholarships to improve their future.


Elle’s* mother tragically died and her father was recently released from incarceration, making his job prospects poor. Elle* is being cared for by her aunt, however, her aunt is struggling to take care of Ella because she is taking care of two other dependents. She needs your help.

Our aim:

  • Provide Elle’s* aunt with adequate, monthly financial support to reduce the economic and time burden of her care.

Give Back

All these girls wish to have an education. They have aspirations, hope, and ambition. However, their opportunity to learn and build their lives, move on and heal has been removed.

They can’t achieve all that they are capable of, or even survive, without your help today.

They were born into a world of violence and exploitation, and through no fault of their own, have suffered from the neglect and choices of their parents. Everything was taken away from them: their innocence, childhood, and dreams.

Previous Success Stories

We made an appeal for Bell back in November. She was orphaned at two years old due to her parents contracting HIV and subsequently AIDS. As a teenage mother from fifteen years old, she had to leave education in order to care for and provide for the child.

Now, Bell is 18 years old and the donations from this campaign have changed her life.

With the ฿10,000 (€270) donations, she could provide food and clothes for her child and herself, which gave her the strength and hope to get a stable job working on a tour bus. She has since moved to a less dangerous area and has hopes and ideals to continue working, with financial security and sufficient care for her infant in the future.

We hope to create long-term, sustainable solutions for all our cases to keep them out of the cycle of poverty forever.

What Has Center For Girls Achieved?

On August 10th, 2022, Center for Girls will celebrate 25 years as a registered charity. Amongst many donors that have been partnered in our campaigns, including Diakonia and Kindernothilfe, we have also recently commemorated the Robert D. Stillman Dignity award from Global Fund For Children. This was won on March 22nd, 2022, for our outstanding contribution to tackling youth wellbeing.

Last year, we raised ฿237,796 for our Emergency cases, or €6,500. Help us raise even more this year and improve young girls’ lives across Thailand!

What can you do?

All proceeds go directly to 3 emergency cases (Rose*, Lila* and Lily*, and Elle*).

What Will Your Donations Give Them?

  • Just £12/€13/$16 a month for school tuition ฿500
  • Just £12/€13/$16 a month for lunches at school ฿500
  • Just £12/€13/$16 a month for school books and uniform ฿500
  • Just £25/€27/$33 a month for other meals at home ฿1,000
  • Just £25/€27/$33 a month for toiletries ฿1000

We appreciate all the help and support.

– Joey Bandelow


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