Empowering Change: Kamthorn’s Journey Towards Gender Equality

In the heart of a remote mountain village in Chiang Khong District, resides Mr. Kamthorn, a devoted father, husband, and leader of the Lao clan. Born in 1964, Kamthorn’s life has revolved around traditional Hmong customs and responsibilities. However, a transformative journey began when he became involved with the Center for Girls Foundation (CFG), sparking a shift in his outlook and actions. In this blog post, we explore Kamthorn’s story of personal growth and his efforts to challenge deeply ingrained gender roles within the Hmong ethnic group.

The Challenge of Tradition

Kamthorn’s life, much like that of his ancestors, was shaped by traditional Hmong values and gender roles. Men were tasked with farming and manual labor, while women managed household chores and cared for the family. The pressure to bear sons for succession and the belief that men had the ultimate say in family decisions reinforced these norms. However, Kamthorn’s involvement with CFGF would soon challenge these long-standing customs.

Intervention and Transformation

Kamthorn’s journey of transformation began when he was encouraged by women leaders in his village to attend a CFGF meeting. Initially unsure of his role, Kamthorn found himself actively participating in various activities, including meetings, training sessions, and collaborative learning. His interactions with women from the community and CFGF led him to reevaluate his perspectives on gender roles.

Through his active participation, Kamthorn discovered a newfound sense of agency. Despite language barriers, he found a platform to voice his opinions and insights, aided by translation from women who understood his native Hmong language. His involvement even led him to star in a short film advocating against child marriage, further amplifying his commitment to change.

A Shift in Perception

The turning point came when Kamthorn began listening to the stories of women in his community. Their struggles and burdens opened his eyes to the hidden hardships faced by women in their daily lives. He realized that their workload was often more strenuous than that of men, challenging his previous beliefs.

Result and Empowerment

Kamthorn’s personal transformation had a ripple effect on his family and community. Acknowledging his wife’s struggles, he began sharing household chores and supporting her in ways he hadn’t before. Kamthorn’s participation in CFGF’s efforts also led to broader changes in the community.

After a field trip to Mae Taeng District, Kamthorn became passionate about finding solutions to challenges faced by divorced Hmong women. He proposed the concept of “The Last Home,” a place where divorced women could find peace and support without disrupting traditional beliefs. This initiative aimed to empower women while respecting cultural norms.

Kamthorn’s Vision for the Future

Kamthorn envisions a community where gender equality is embraced, and women’s voices are heard. He strives to change the perception of women and encourages others to follow suit. While recognizing the importance of preserving cultural beliefs, Kamthorn believes that innovative solutions like “The Last Home” can harmonize tradition and progress.

Kamthorn’s journey from a traditional Hmong man to an advocate for gender equality exemplifies the power of individual change within a community. His story highlights the impact of grassroots efforts in reshaping perceptions and challenging deeply rooted norms. Through Kamthorn’s experience, we are reminded that change is possible when individuals take bold steps toward understanding, empathy, and inclusion.

Disclaimer: Images and content are permitted by Mr. Kamthorn.


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