Chiang Rai Annual Anti-Trafficking Event at Wiang Kaen District

June 5 is Thailand National Anti-Trafficking Day. This year on June 9th, Women For Change Network, Center For Girls Foundation, FOCUS, WorldVision, The Freedom Story, the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security, and many more come together to host an awareness event at a school. The goal of the event is to raise awareness of human trafficking and help students understand this issue more.

Students attending the events.

More than 200 high school students attend to learn about what human trafficking is, listen to a survivor’s story, and watch shows and a show about human trafficking. The students participate in a parade and go around many booths hosted by NGOs and local governments. In addition, students play games and win a prize at each booth. At Center For Girls Foundation booth, for example, students had to answer a question about violence and human trafficking to win clocks, notebooks, towels, small bags, and so forth.

Center For Girls Foundation booth

– Wanwarin Yensuk


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