An update from Bell*

Remember the emergency cases from earlier this year?

“Bell* is 18 years old. Her parents died of HIV/AIDS when she 2 years old. After that her grandmother and grandfather took care of her. Bell got pregnant at 15 years old and had to drop out after middle school because she had to raise her baby and try to find work to pay for their expenses. Bell wants to be able to provide for her son, to buy clothes, food, etc. and she wants to go back to school to continue her education.” (*Name changed for anonymity, story published with permission)

Since February, Bell has received ฿10,000 ($299 or £225), and Center for Girls has visited 5 times, to see how Bell and her baby are progressing. Some good news: Although Bell does not yet have enough money to go to school, she got a job working on a tour bus. Bell is using the money she receives to buy milk and clothes for her baby, and is in the process of moving to a newer, safer location for her and her baby.

When someone is vulnerable, abandoned, abused, or trafficked, they can easily slip through the net of the authorities here – especially if local people are not educated on their legal rights. That’s why Center for Girls works to educate local people, with long term goals in mind. One of the important building blocks of our projects is creating sustainable networks in the community to look out for the signs of abuse, trafficking, or otherwise vulnerable people, and help them access the services they need. Now, thanks to these networks, these families can access the servise they need, and thanks to our supporters all over the globe, receive a little emergency relief.

This year Center for Girls have given out your cash donations, and items totaling THB 41,000.00 (approximately $1325 or £929). But there are many more people waiting and so much more that we can achieve together.

In total, Center for Girls aims to raise 323,000 THB, 100% of which will go directly to the families. Please click here to make a difference.

Please give generously. What might seem like a small amount to you can really go a long way here. In Chiang Khong minimum wage is THB 300 per day ($9 or £6.80) and even this small sum is rarely enforced. Laborers and agricultural workers are lucky to make half of that in one day, and that’s if they are fit, healthy enough to work, and are not restricted to staying at home to provide care for their children. For those who are less fortunate, Center for Girls will continue to build networks to help find them, and hope that you will keep up your generous giving for the most vulnerable people referred to us.

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